Feeding the Fish

Santiam River

My grandfather arrived in the mail today, packed tightly in a cigarette box.
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My Bucket List

I’m re-posting my Bucket List, because it has evolved! Also… for some reason I didn’t figure out how to use “Tags” on WordPress until after this post. Bucket List: Improve Blogging Skills. Check.


“The desire to explore and see new things is fundamental to the human experience.” -Tim Ferriss

I always wondered a little bit about the purpose of a bucket list. Some items on people’s lists feel more akin to thinking about winning the lottery and all the subsequent things to buy. But I feel that a bucket list is much more than a wish list. I feel it’s an intentional movement towards self improvement and enrichment.

On another bucket list post, they say a bucket list is, “completely self-indulgent, but it means something to me.” Which, deep-down, I think is really the point of a bucket list, it’s for one’s own self. Like a blog, with a scant following 😀

Many bucket lists focus on traveling globally (“see Petra”, “boat down the Amazon”, “See Stonehenge”), some are daredevily (“go skydiving,” “climb a mountain,” “backpack Asia”), others religious (“read the Qur’an,” “go on a pilgrimage,” “go to the Vatican,” etc.),  relatively humble (“raise chickens,” “learn the piano,” “pick apples from an orchard”), and of course…a touch overachieving (“win gold at the Olympics,” “go to the moon”).

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Grandma Alida (Poem)

I actually wrote this poem several years ago, but didn’t think to place it anywhere. My Grandma Alida always thought my poems were very clever, or at least she told me as much (they were rhyme-y little things I’d write to her as a 6th grader, mostly about moldy cheese and other such revelations of 6th grade)–so when I took a poetry workshop to meet an upper division writing requirement for my degree–what other topic was there left, truly, to write about?

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Should I wear mascara? She would have. So you put it on. There isn’t any logic to this really, you know that it’s going to run down your face twice before you leave and when you finally get yourself together and the third application of Loreal is fresh on your lashes, it will turn you into a specter before the end of the service anyway. But, she would have done it and so you apply. She would have wore heels and earrings and she would have done her hair. She would have done it for you, you know it– she would have spent hours. Which pair should I wear? You look at your nails– she would have done her nails…but it’s to late for that now, the service is in two hours. A twinge of regret wraps around your heart and chokes some tears past the knot in your throat, and you re-apply your mascara. Continue reading

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

A to Z Blogging Challenge
All Done!

I was not actually planning (nor really heard of) the A to Z challenge until my friend said, “hey–want to do the A to Z blogging challenge?” and I said, “Uh…what?”

I didn’t sign up before the linky list closed on the original A to Z blog, but I’m glad I decided to participate anyways.

Here are a few things that happened:

  • I went from 24 followers to 68 by the time I reached “Z”! Woohoo! Thank you everyone 🙂
  • I wrote 18,362 words in 30 days and 26 posts (avg. 700 words per post)
  • My longest post was 6,164 words long
  • My shortest post was 54 words long
  • My most popular post gained 9 likes
  • I learned that adding Tags help a lot (I had never done that for my previous posts)

Though there were a few things I didn’t like about the challenge, I mostly liked it…

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Three Sleepy Questions

Day 25 (Y) Yawn
A to Z Blogging Challenge


Last night, I wanted to sleep really really bad. I hardly slept at all this weekend because of traveling and visiting family and so I fizzled out around 8:30 PM yesterday. Because I’m still a bit drowsy, I decided to answer a questionnaire of sleepy questions…oh, excuse me, I just yawned.

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